Yuen-Zhou Research Group
Theory of molecular photonics
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Joel Yuen-Zhou

Joel Yuen-Zhou | Asistant professor

Research Interest: Chemical physics, condensed matter theory, materials science; theory for experiments.
Office: Urey Hall Addn 3241, University of California, San Diego
Phone: 858-534-5399
Email: joelyuen@ucsd.edu

Luis Angel Martinez Martinez

Luis Angel Martinez Martinez | PhD Student

BS and MS obtained in the National Autonomous University of Mexico.
Research Interest: Electronic Structure, Topological Polaritons, polariton chemistry.
Email: lam015@ucsd.edu

Matthew Du

Matthew Du|PhD Student

BA Chemistry, Northwestern University
Research Interests: optical chirality, molecular polaritonics, nanoplasmonics.
Email: madu@ucsd.edu

Raphael Ribeiro

Raphael F. Ribeiro|Postdoc

MS Chemistry, University of Minnesota. PhD UC Irvine
Research Interests:topological phases of matter, geometric phase effects in chemistry, molecular cavity QED, semiclassical physics.
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Email: raphaefr@gmail.com

Jorge Gonzalez

Jorge Campos Gonzalez Angulo|PhD Student

BS and MS from the National Autonomous University of Mexico
Research Interests: Chemical physics, molecular spectroscopy, molecular magnetism, relaxation processes and classical dynamics.
Email: jcamposg@ucsd.edu
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If you want to join our group and do exciting research at the frontiers of condensed matter physics and chemistry, contact Joel joelyuen@ucsd.edu
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